Will Power Has Nothing To Do With It

Keep reading to learn why we donā€™t need will power to make the healthy decisions.

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Will Power has nothing to do with it.

Just a few short months ago, I found myself questioning why I was eating a bag of cinnamon bears alone in the car. “Am I hungry? Well… I was hungry when I opened the bag, but I’m not hungry right now as I eat the 20th cinnamon bear. Why have I eaten half the bag? Why can’t I just eat one or two and be done? Why do I look for these dang things EVERY SINGLE TIME I walk into Tractor Supply?”

Cinnamon Bears were more addictive to me than any glass of wine I’ve ever had. I don’t have an addictive personality, I don’t do drugs or go overboard with anything….except my “alone in the car” addiction to gummy cinnamon bears.

I sat in that car beating myself up because I didn’t have the will power to stop at three (that’s the serving size…which is crazy, who in the world could eat just three???!!!). Then, I’d beat myself up for buying them in the first place. I know they strategically place those things on the shelf where you have to look at them while you’re standing in line. But, geeze…they are on the bottom shelf. I know where they are (since I used to buy a bag every time I was there). Why do I even look on that shelf? Can’t I just not look down????

Fast forward to February. I’m sitting in my first consultation with Dr. Ashley Lucas at PHD Weight Loss and Nutrition. She asked me, “why are you here?”

“I’ve had COVID and I have horrible brain fog and can’t get rid of it. I’ve gained about 15 pounds since November and…. (long pause and dropped head) I have a bad addiction to cinnamon gummy bears. I just don’t have the will power to stop eating them.”

As I sat there and hung my head in shame, Dr. Ashley said something that I never expected. She said, “It has nothing to do with will power, your addiction to sugar isn’t your fault. It’s biological.”

My head raised and I looked her in the eye. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I’ve lost the same 10-15 pounds 100 times. I grew up watching my mom gain and lose the same 30 pounds 100 times. My grandmother gained and lost, all the women in my family did the same. And when we were losing we’d just say, “all it takes it’s a little will power”.  When we were gaining, “I just don’t have the willpower right now. I have to wrap my head around it.”

How many of you are in a similar situation? How many of you think you need to “get your head right” before you commit yourself to finally getting healthy for good? How many of you hate diets? (I’m raising my hand and waving it right now! I hate dieting!).  How many of you have that extra serving of mac and cheese at dinner, indulge every evening with a glass of wine and a piece or two of chocolate, eat every meal until your stuffed, visit the snack drawer a few too many times, just because right now, you don’t have the will power to change?

If that’s you, let me tell you, your food addiction has nothing to do with will power. The reason most diets fail is because the are diets. They are not sustainable. Why not stop the cycle and do something different? I did, and it’s changed my life.  The gripping hold those cinnamon bears had on me is gone. I’ve been to Tractor Supply many times since February. I still look on the bottom shelf, I just don’t reach down and buy them. I see those little “trigger bears” for exactly what they are…the trigger food that will make me feel horrible, both mentally and physically.  Sure, I was restricted from eating certain foods during my weight loss phase, but after week two I didn’t miss them. As my visceral fat mass went away, so did my cravings. The PHD Weight Loss and Nutrition plan is so much more than what and when you eat, they make that part very simple. They also focus on behavior changes. Dr. Ashley believes that all change happens first in the mind. I agree with her. I had to stop shaming myself. I had to stop blaming myself for not having enough will power. I had to give myself rest, hydration, movement, and grace.  I had to stop feeding the tumor and start feeding my body the foods that made it work correctly.

Listen, you don’t have to have will power. You only need to have the desire to not feel the way you feel right now. If those extra pounds are keeping you from living the life you want to live, go to myphdweightloss.com and make an appointment. You don’t need will power. You don’t have to “get your mind right”. You just need to call or click and show up for your first appointment. You deserve it. You and your body can thank me later. šŸ˜Š

Dr. Ashley Lucas and Joleen talk about breaking Joleen’s addiction to cinnamon gummy bears.

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