This is What Real Life Feels Like

We’re in the season of celebrations, friends, family, and cookouts! Join Joleen on her Journey as she talks about what real life feels like these days.

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This is what real life feels like.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of helping two high school seniors celebrate their graduations. It was a wonderful day! I saw so many people I haven’t seen in months, or maybe even a year or so. Of course, they all complimented me on my new physique. As I’m writing this today, it made me realize how many amazing things have changed in my day-to-day world.

First, I was at a pool party, with food and drinks all around me. A year ago, I would have had an alcoholic beverage in my hand the entire afternoon. Yesterday, I had one cocktail, and that was enough. I just enjoyed the conversation and company of friends and family. A year ago, I would have tried every single side dish and appetizer, just so I wouldn’t miss out on anything. Yesterday I skipped the things I knew I wouldn’t really enjoy, so I could savor and enjoy a piece of cake instead.

The PHD program hasn’t just changed the way I eat; it’s changed the way I think. It’s changed the way I live. It’s changed the way I spend my time and energy. I’m so glad it’s changed me for the better.

One of the many tools they give us is a closed group for those on the plan to help each other and encourage each other. I asked the group today what has changed in their day-to-day lives since they started the program. It’s amazing the little things we can do now that were not in our lives before. Here are just a few of their answers.

  • More consistent with exercise.
  • I do kickboxing 4 days a week.
  • Don’t even crave alcohol. Initially, I thought it would be hard to give up my wine. Nope, not at all. 
  • Cravings are gone, brain fog is gone, and I have lots and lots of energy.
  • I lost my sweet tooth! And way more mental clarity.
  • Increased libido. 
  • I quit drinking alcohol for good. 
  • I no longer have IBS symptoms. 
  • I no longer take Tums for heartburn. 
  • Drinking water is automatic. 
  • I can handle stairs without effort and walking without pain. 
  • My friend pointed out to me the other night that I had my foot up on my chair, and I was hugging my knee close to my chest. I can’t remember the last time I could do that. 
  • Able to get into slacks and looking good in them. 
  • 95% of the time, I get a great night’s sleep.
  • I used to not be able to lay flat on the floor for exercises or something without putting my knees up, and now I can. 
  • I’m about to drop off a bunch of clothes at Goodwill that are way too big.
  • No more having to check my blood sugar every day
  • My blood pressure has dropped a lot, my arthritis pain in my hand has almost gone away, and I no longer have issues with my digestion. That’s jus in the first four weeks of the program!

I relate to almost everything on that list.  I have so many I could add, but for the sake of not boring you, I’ll give you my top three. One, I’ve noticed that I don’t grimace getting out of bed in the mornings. My joints just don’t hurt anymore. Two, I crave fresh vegetables, really, I’m not kidding…it IS possible to not only choose fresh veggies over junk but WANT fresh veggies instead of junk. Check out the picture of this morning’s breakfast. I literally throw veggies in everything now. Three, I wear the first thing I put on every day unless it’s just too big (which happened a lot before I finally did a closet clean-out). No more staring in the mirror thinking, “this shows my love handles.”

Last week in my blog, I talked about visualizing your end game. When you were reading all these things that PHD patients have changed, do any of them resonate with you? If you found yourself saying, “that would be nice,” then now is the time to make the first step toward your new, healthier self. You may not think you can do it, you may not remember what it’s like to climb a flight of stairs with no pain, but believe me, this is what real life is like in the PHD family. It’s pretty… dang…aamazzzziiinnnggg!

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