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Remembering Ric Ocasek

Lee remembers Ric Ocasek and his impressive career with The Cars. 

A Thought From Tommy Kaye: Remember to Rock!

Tommy Kaye looks back on the lives of Eddie Money and Ric Ocasek and the fun of music! 

Look Out…..There’s a Windy City Guy in The Upstate

Earth's new station manager, Pat Kelley, lists five things he's found interesting so far about the Upstate. 

The Day That is Impossible to Forget

Bill Love reflects on his 9/11 show and why that day seems burned into our minds. 

2019: The Year that Changed Everything

Action Jackson writes about how it's never too late to have "your year" on our blog!

What to Know About South Carolina

Craig Debolt lists some things you may not know about the great state of South Carolina.

Check Out "Captain Marvel" at Carolina Wren Park THIS Friday!

See Captain Marvel this Friday at Carolina Wren Park!

Are you a movie buff like myself? If you are, you can enjoy a free outdoor movie this Friday, September 13th at Carolina Wren Park in Anderson.  The popular Captain Marvel movie begins at 7:30 pm, so bring your lawn chairs and blankets and enjoy the evening with your family and friends.

Bill Love Needs Blog Help

Bill Love needs your help with his blog!

Food on Wheels? You Might Like It!

Don't let the wheels turn you away. Food trucks are a great way to dine out!

A Thought for the Day From Tommy Kaye,

Tommy Kaye asks what song gets your blood flowing? 

Check Out "Love a Vet" at the Upcountry Museum

Visit Love a Vet: Honoring Our Military Veterans and help support our troops!

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