Thought of the Day from Tommy Kaye: What Will I Do With My Extra Halloween Candy?


Candy is the topic. We had no Trick-or-Treaters at my house this year. Not sure if it was the weather, or the fact that we had six kids move away with their families in just the last eight months. Either way, I have a TON of candy at my house. That poses a major problem with a four year old who could find Pentagon Secrets in the darkest corners of a secure server if he thought they were Skittles. So, what to do with these sweets? Last year, we sent bags filled with chocolates and lollies to GHS through little Tommy’s Nana. Now, Nana has a different position, and we are left with the challenge. I am tempted to try to take on Little Tommy’s candy seeking methods, but then my sweet tooth really doesn’t need to be indulged that bad. So, do I bring it to work and sugar up the likes of Bill Love, Lee Alexander, Craig Debolt and Action Jackson?

Another idea has been interested me. Since it is the holiday baking time of year, maybe I will get out my measuring cups and sifter! Time for cakes and cookies for all! What do you do with your candy? Hit me up on the Earth-FM Textline some night on Earth After Dark and let me know. (844)327-8436 (844)Earth-FM. In the meantime check out this article from USA Today for some other great ideas for all that leftover Halloween Candy!

See ya after 7!

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