Thought of the Day from Tommy Kaye: This is Hard

by Tommy Kaye

Hello to my Earthlings,

The other day Action Jackson and I were talking about this whole idea of blogging. It’s not new to either of us, but sometime figuring out what to talk about can be a challenge. We are fortunate that our co-worker Ben, the man in charge of making sure we do the blogs in the first place, sends us idea starter each week. Even with the idea starters, this can be an intimidating task at times. Then Action and I started ribbing each other a little about whose blog got more traffic on the website (clearly you Earthlings like Action better, haha). That’s when Ben sent us a message saying Bill Love’s blog about disliking blogging was also a very well like entry. Action and I both scratched our heads as we thought “Wait, a blog about not liking blogging was a successful blog?”  In reality, it is brilliant because it is honest and real. Once again, Bill Love was spot on (yes, I have to admit that Bill was right).

So, where do I find myself today? Once again searching for something to blog about, realizing that I really wish I was doing other things. I must, however, keep Ben and our bosses happy and do what they ask. That is, after all, what they pay me for. Most of all, I hope to keep all you Earthlings happy. That is why we are here and doing what we do. We love our Earthlings!!!

So if you are looking for some Kid Friendly things to do in the Upstate, check out this link to ideas in the Spartanburg area. And don’t forget to check out Spartanburg International Festival coming October 5, details on


Until Next Time Earthlings.

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