Thought of the Day from Tommy Kaye: Enjoy the Minutia

Howdy Earthlings…

Life can become very mundane and easily taken for granted. I find my days are filled with the usual minutia such as chores, work, and decisions about little things, like what to wear, what to eat, to go to bed or stay up and write my blog? I am sure you can all relate. Recently, one of our Salem Media family had a very serious accident, one that has changed their lives and caused me to review how I look at these daily decisions. The minutia has become precious.

What the heck am I talking about? When our brother here at the Salem Media Compound got word that his son was in a serious accident, I saw his fear and pain. This is a man who generally has a smile on his face and even in the stressful circumstances maintains a positive attitude. It rattled me to watch that change. I have spent the last few days reflecting on how fortunate I am to have my healthy son, a partner who stands right by me through anything, and the little decisions that are normally taken for granted seem so much more important to me. I am not sure if I am making any sense, but the bottom line is, “Realize how fortunate you are and embrace that good fortune”.

Our brother has somehow been able to maintain his positivity and optimism while helping his son face this serious adversity. We here at Salem Media continue to pray for them, and I ask you to as well. Hug your loved ones and remember to take a moment to help someone who needs it. It may mean more to them than you think.

I promise the next blog will be more fun! See you After Dark.

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