The One Thing Harder Than Space Travel

I am always fascinated when a rover is successfully landed on another planet or comet. The technology to achieve that feat is amazing;  it’s mind blowing. In addition, the timing for a lander to reach a certain point at the exact time that Mars reaches that same point has to be so precise. It is incredible how they do it.

Being able to predict an eclipse is also amazing. They are able to predict that the moon and earth will be in in exact positions relative to the sun. Not only do they predict the eclipse but predict the exact path of darkness as well.

Why then, with all these great minds, can we not stop telemarketers? Years ago, Congress passed the Do Not Call Act. We simply added our numbers to a list and telemarketers were forbidden from calling those numbers. It actually seemed to work for a while. Many of the telemarketers went out of business, but the unscrupulous ones remained and realized that they could continue without much fear of penalty.

It seems the main thing that they do is spoof numbers. I know when my caller ID says, Abbeville, SC or Greenwood, SC, it is a spoofed number. Everyday I get one of those; and they are not selling products, they are trying to trick me into paying them money, or hoping that I will give private information so that they can steal money. There are constant news stories about innocent, often elderly people, being conned by someone on the phone.

The key seems to be their ability to spoof numbers on caller ID. If we could actually see the phone number, we could easily report them. Do we not have the technology to prevent number spoofing? My cellular company tries. Occasionally my cell phone will ring and the caller ID will read, “SCAM LIKELY.” If one company can do that, why can’t the others?  Is it possible that we can see a black hole, millions of light years away, yet we can’t stop telemarketers?

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