The New Fashion Craze: Face Masks

by Ben Johnson

Everybody's wearing it...because they have to. The newest fashion craze truly is bringing the world together. Every age, ethnicity, nation is all clamoring for the must have accessory of the season:  face masks. There are many different types you can accessorize with, and we’re here to break them all down for you, and what each mask can tell about the person that is wearing it.  

  1. The Traditional Mask
    This is the plain, classic surgical face mask is the vanilla flavor of the face mask. Whether you’ve got to run into a quick trip to Wal-Mart or meeting outside at a coffee shop, the surgical mask always fits in. It’s not flashy, it doesn’t create much of a statement, and it crumples with the slightest of pressure. These masks are perfect for the person who doesn’t want to say much but just finish their errand without any problems. 
  2. The Cloth Mask
    The cloth mask says, “My face may be half-covered, but I still want to look good.” Cloth masks are a little sturdier, and you can match them with your outfits. They are the more formal of the face mask These are for people who aren’t going to let a global pandemic cramp their style, even if they have to trade breathing capacity for fashion. 
  3. The Workout Mask
    This mask is for the person who isn’t going to let a global pandemic stop them from having a killer six-pack. These masks allow airflow, making those 4 rounds of burpees easier. People who wear these masks aren’t quitters. They are going to go to the gym every day, even when they honestly shouldn’t be. Be warned of this big fashion faux pas, you can only wear these masks while doing exercise. Wearing them any other time is just being extra. Suffer with the lack of air like the rest of us, please.  
  4. The Bandana Mask
    This is the mask for the person who barely follows the rules. They’re the ones who view the speed limit as loose guidelines and have a hard time putting the shopping cart up in the parking lot. These people are technically following the rules but also need to make a point that no one tells them what to do. 

So, what’s your favorite type of mask? Which type of person are you? Whichever one you prefer, I think we can all agree that we all can’t wait until we can breathe freely again.  

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