Halloween COVID Costumes

by Ben Johnson

Halloween is fast approaching, but with COVID cases starting to rise again the scariest thing this season is that it might not happen. Of course, a lot of neighborhoods are still planning to do traditional trick-or-treating, but they would need to stay safe while they do it. Luckily, Halloween is all about creativity. Masks and gloves are a part of most costumes, so we thought we’d give you some creative ideas on who to be this Halloween

  1. Doctor
    This is an easy for the person who doesn’t want to put much effort into their costume. You’ve already got the mask and gloves, just grab a stethoscope and you are now a health professional. Doctors are also in the forefront of the news, so everybody will understand your costume.
  2. Darth Vader
    There has never been a better Halloween to go as Darth Vader because the famous Sith lord is as timely as ever. He’s famous for wearing a mask, breathing heavily, and being hard to understand. Plus, it’s actually deadly for him to remove his mask, so you have a great excuse to stay covered up at any Halloween Party.
  3. Bane
    Here’s another character that is surprisingly timely. Famous for wearing a mask? Check. Hard to understand in conversation? Check. A distrust of governmental authority? Check. Also, he comes with a big coat that you can keep warm. Plus, who doesn’t love an excuse to break out a terrible Tom Hardy impression?
  4. Hannibal Lecter
    Here’s another character who is famous for wearing a mask, plus a strait jacket. You don’t have to worry about catching germs if you go as Hannibal because you’ll be too constrained to have much of any fun at all.
  5. Hazmat Guy
    You want to be safe this Halloween? This is the costume for you. No beating around the bush, no trying to be cute, with this costume you are saying, “I know it’s dangerous to be out, but I also really want candy.” No one is going to question your holiday spirit or your commitment to safety.

There you have it, some Halloween costume tips during this COVID season. In all seriousness, we hope you stay safe out there and have a Happy Halloween!

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