A Thought of the Day from Tommy Kaye: Let's Face It, Christmas is Better

As promised, here is more writing about domestic ‘Holiday Stuff.’ Yeah, I am putting quotes around ‘Stuff,’ I think you know why. So, let’s get it moving then. I see that Hallmark Channel is going all Christmas as of October 25th, the 25th for goodness sake! The kids aren’t even on their sugar high yet. We haven’t even stolen half their mini Hershey’s yet. Is it too soon? I say NO! I love Christmas.

I love Halloween too, but it is just one day versus a whole holiday season. Who even thinks about Thanksgiving short of the food and football? I mean, let’s be honest, most of you put up the Christmas lights, Christmas trees, or both after Thanksgiving dinner anyway. Now, at Earth-FM we promise not to subject you to excessive jingle bells, or ‘The Christmas Shoes’ in high rotation. We aren’t grinchy, but we know there is more than ‘Feliz Navidad’ in the jukebox, if you get my meaning. So, for all you who want to keep scaring yourself before bedtime and put off the holiday cheer a bit longer, check out Freeform’s Halloween marathon, fire up the DVD Player, or blow the dust off those plastic boxes on the shelf behind the books you never read and pick out a good screamer! We’ll keep the hits rolling After Dark in case you get too scared 😉.


Keep it real Earthlings!

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