A Thought of the Day from Tommy Kaye: Is Your Dog the Greatest Dog on Earth?

Montego, Tommy Kaye's Good Boy


There are two kinds of Earthlings in this world, those who are pet people and those who aren’t. For those who are not, enjoy this link to some incredible outdoor places to checkout in Greenville. Get out and enjoy the cooler weather and changing of the leaves!!         

For all my pet friendly Earthlings, do you have a dog? What make you pup so cool? Would you call your pup “The Greatest Dog on Earth?” If so, then do we have a contest for you! Earth-FM wants you to share your pup with the world. Just go to Earthfmwrth.com and click the link to sign up your pup.

An example:

My boxer-husky, Montego, is a super loyal and gentle dog, who will protect his family, too. I have had UPS drivers refuse to get close to a 6-foot tall cinderblock wall with blocked out steel gate, all because they were scared of his bark. He has been known to comfort Mrs. Tommy Kaye when she is down, and plays with little Tommy whenever he goes in the backyard. He was a rescue from a family ready to abandon him as a puppy in Arizona. Mrs. Tommy Kaye calls him a Desert Dog. Montego certainly does seem more comfortable in the dirt.

So, tell us about your dog! Maybe Fido will win the title “The Greatest Dog on Earth!”

See you After Dark!

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