A Thought of the Day from Tommy Kaye: Is the Kid's Bedtime Our Bedtime, Too?

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I want to ask you thoughts on something that has been bouncing around my head for the last few days. As parents, are we supposed to be ready to give up going out to events that go past our kids bed time? Here’s my problem, my family came with me to share in all the Swap Rabbit fun on our recent Earthling Night, (which by the way, it was really great seeing soooo many Earthlings)! So, I brought my family with me, and of course the game ended later in the evening. My wife was concerned about little Tommy being out too late, but we decided since we almost never go out that we would call this the exception and try to enjoy the night. Little Tommy had a GREAT Time! He loved the game, the music, the dancing, and it didn’t hurt that he got to see his daddy at work.

Where we started to be concerned was on the way home. One might expect that an evening of popcorn and pretzels, M&M’s and the action of the event might leave an almost five year old kid tired. Not Ours! This is what concerned us, were we wrong to try to make a night of it? Should we only plan on attending events with convenient end times? Are we destined to never see the moonlight again? I don’t think so! I also think you need to remember that exceptions are just that, exceptions. Don’t make a habit of dragging your little ones out on your adventures, but don’t deny yourself a little life either.

Till next time Earthlings!

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