A Thought for the Day From Tommy Kaye,

When that time finally arrives, when you just want to cut loose after a long work or school week, what song do you have to hear to get pumped up and ready to go? Earthling Gloria got me thinking the other night when she told me about her “pump up” song. I had just played Eddie Murphy’s “Party All The Time,” and she shared how that was her “Friday-night song” before she went out. For me, I’ve had a few. Sometimes, it was AC/DC “Thunderstruck”, or Led Zepplin “Kashmir.” It all depended on what kind of trouble I had waiting for me.

What was your song? Or was it an artist? Maybe it was anything by the ABBA or Run DMC?

You see, that’s the beauty of music; so many good times and fond memories are tied to the songs we play on Earth-FM.

Chart position or weeks in the top 10 is all fine and dandy, but that’s not what makes songs great or even a hit. It’s the way the songs make you feel that make them the greatest hits on Earth!

‘Til next time my Earthlings After Dark.

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