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Spread Thanks with a Good Note

Lee reminds Earthlings the importance of a thank you notes today on the blog.

Find the Joy in 2021

Lee reminds us to stay positive and look for the joy in 2021.

Remember to Give Thanks

Lee reminds us to give thanks for all the good things we have this week during Thanksgiving!

America's Favorite Turkey Dishes

Read what each state's favorite food is on the blog!

Staying Fully Nutritious

Lee discusses the importance of having a balanced diet on the blog. 

Don't Forget Your Vitamin D

Lee reminds us the importance of getting vitamin D during flu season and COVID today on the blog. 

Upstate Granite Solutions Raising the Flag

Lee reminds everybody to come on out to the raising of the flag at Upstate Granite Solutions on Veterans Day. 

RVs: Always in Motion

Lee discusses the joys found in a RV in the blog!

Pumpkin Spice or Apple Cinnamon?

Pumpkin spice or apple cinnamon? Which flavor rules the fall?

There's Always a Bright Side

Bill Love reminds readers to count their blessings on the blog today. 

The New Fashion Craze: Face Masks

Read about what your face mask says about you.  

Dining Out During COVID-19

Read some new guidelines on dining out during COVID-19

How Long Could You Spend on Netflix?

Looking for a way to kill time? With streaming, you can kill years! Read more below!

Greenville County Animal Care Needs Your Help

The Greenville County Animal Care Center is in desperate need of help! Please contact if you have lost a dog today!

Be Informed and Stay Calm

Tommy Kaye is reminding Earthlings to be safe, stay calm and live their lives in the midst of the pandemic.

The Most Financially Healthy Places in South Carolina!

The Upstate is one of the healthiest financial places in South Carolina according to a study by SmartAsset! Craig Debolt has the details here...

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